AES COSD Application

This is an application designed to allow you to enter information required by COSD without needing to spend time looking up the various codes and values.

Clean and Simple

The interface aims to be as easy and intuitive as possible while retaining the flexibility to accomodate all the different nuances covered by the COSD schemas.

Secure Data

No data about the patient or the case ever leaves your network. All data is entered directly in the browser and is stored on your network accessible file systems. The only time there is any communication to AES is to register or authenticate a user and to top up that user's account with credits.

Everything else remains solely in the client's systems.

Pay as you go

Submitting data to COSD is based in the number of reports sent. Each report to be sent currently costs 1 credits.

Your credits do not expire - once you've paid for them, they will remain available until you use them.